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Thread: linux firewalls

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    Exclamation linux firewalls

    I have a school project to set a lunix box as a fire wall and i was wondering what you ppl tought was the best one to use were i could find good software and documentation
    pls help not flame

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    Use ipchains.
    Here's a how to
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    Well, as soon as it is installed, Red hat Linux has a built in "firewall" called Ipchains. But for a graphical firewall, check out Firestarter at I beleive is the site.
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    you should also consider IPTABLES (any 2.4.x kernel) as an alternative to IPCHAINS,
    there is however far more documentation for IPCHAINS so bear that in mind.

    IPTABLES is far superior to IPCHAINS but is more tricky to figure out (due to lack of information)

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    Hello Oplin!

    Good day to you! Aside from the good recommendations stated by the others, why dont you check out this link too : . The page has a list of good links that could help you

    Have fun!!!

    A blessed day to all!!!


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    I agree that IPTABLES is much better than IPCHAINS...the main reason is because it is a stateful firewall. But jc is exactly right...there is far less information and documentation available for IPTABLES. If you want a web management interface for it, you might want to check out the third-party modules for webmin

    I know they were working on the module, but the last time I tried it, it was still in alpha, so it was not very good yet, but give it a try.

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