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    Question Antipoints

    I've read about the antipoints and there purpose and the posts of those who like'em and dislike them.

    At the bottom of peoples posts it shows how many points they have given out...I know I have given out points to posts and replies that I have enjoyed, yet it still shows that I have given I missing something?

    I sure dont want to come off like I could care less about good or bad posts...Of course being a newbie here...I'm sure that I'll get a few negative ones for asking stupid questions(to some)!
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    I had this query as well, this was JP's reply:


    Well, there are several factors that come into play when determining whether your AntiPoint assignment is considered valid. They include:

    How long you've been a member
    How many posts you've made
    What your AntiPoint total is
    What the AntiPoint total of the person you're assigning points to is
    How much time you've spent surfing AntiOnline

    and a few other uber-secret ones

    Once all of those factors are stuck into our AntiPoints algo., the system determines whether or not to let your AntiPoints count, and also, how many points you actually assign per "approve" or "disapprove".

    I hope this helps explain things a big more. Since this isn't a bug, i'm going to go ahead and close this thread.........

    You can find this here:

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