Hi there, I'm SSJVegeta-Sei, also known as Lord_Baal by some. I'm fairly new to the world of hacking, but I've always been interested, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. You can flame me if you like for being the rawest newbie, but be assured that you will be hearing my name in the future, as I plan to be a constant annoyance in my quest to become a uberhacker

I would like to throw a question out -

Recently, I was challenged to hack a friend's system. Now, I'm not the best (that's an understatement!) but when I scanned him, I found that his finger port (79) was open. When I telnetted over, I gained access, but I was booted instantly, before I could enter a single command to dump me into the root. Could somebody please tell me if I can keep this connection open longer, and how? Thanx.