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Thread: mIRC bug.

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    Exclamation mIRC bug.

    A serious bug can do execute a malicious code from a cracker.

    Bug was discovered and announced Sunday 3 Feb, when K. Mardam-Bey has released new version of mIRC (6.0).

    Bug is a buffer overflow, which determine nick assignment when an user try to connect at IRC server. It's possible send a nickname more large of 200 characters and force to connect it to an aggressive IRC server.
    Cracker can also use a HTML code (web pages or e-mail) to force launch mIRC and connect it at a determined IP address.

    All mIRC's version antecedent 6.0 are vulnerable.

    In this moment aren't patch.

    For details (italian language).
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    I first found out about the problem from

    Title: MIRC Chat Users Vulnerable To New Attack
    There is a security vulnerability in the mIRC online chat program, versions 5.91
    and earlier, that could allow a cyber attacker to remotely run malicious
    programs on the computers running the software. An exploit was published
    detailing the means to exploit the buffer over-flow flaw. The individual who
    discovered the flaw alerted the company that developed the program, and waited
    to publish the exploit until mIRC version 6 was released February 3, 2002.
    Perhaps it'd be a good idea to put in the MOTD on .....
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    hmmm sounds like fun I should try it.


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    Talking Additional info

    I'm found complete informations at this url:

    Here there is an exploit for ver. 5.91:

    Have funny.
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