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US lawmakers target the web
Another bill cited in the report is a proposal to regulate electronic advertising and marketing activities.
This is interesting, so I thought I'd make a new thread of it. The original thread is located here.

The internet marketing is sometimes way out of line, I think. Some of the advertisers check what page your currently surfing, and create logs of everything. Then they present you with ads related to your surfing habits. Very clever, but I don't really think I like this. Even though they're not relating this to my person directly, they're kind of disrespecting my privacy.

Another thing is the websites that keep all your personal details in their database, like amazon.com. I don't know how they protect my data, but maybe there should be legal guidlines for how secure a such a database should be. It's not that I believe the politicians have the competence to make a "secure" architecture and security policy, but maybe thay could make a few .....guidelines.

My point is, whitout laws the users are totally negelcted. The businesses only care about their money, not nessecarily for the best of their customers (although they like to say they do).