I would like to say that I think all of our new Forum ops are doing a great job. Even though they removed my average Penis post which I think was quite informative, I must say that overall I think the forums are starting to get better.

Though we all know and realize the only way for them to get back to their old level of quality....is for us to all submit helpful opinions and not be asses to people. Whether this be because they run Windows 3.1 and they its the pimp daddy of all systems, or if they think they are a linux guru and run Mandrake.

I belong to other forums forums and even though we have some guys in the S10 forums that only have the S10 2.2L engine and some have the 4.3 V6 and others have 350s' we all help each other out and learn from each others mistakes.

But really I just wanted to congratulate all the forums ops on a job well done!