I'm currently evaluating a AV product for Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange. I would like to hear everyones opinion on this product, its hard to say but it looks like a good product and it performs well in lab environment but without further testing in "live" environment is it almost impossible to tell the full potential of this product. I hope someone have had any kind of experience of Sybari's Antigen products.

Brief facts about Antigen for Lotus Domino:
Sybari's Antigen 6.0 for Lotus Domino

"Reliable, high-performance antivirus protection for Lotus Domino."

- Designed for 24x7 environments. Antigen is never off-line during product upgrades and virus signature updates.
- Provides e-mail worm detection and total message deletion.
- Multiple AV engine scanning of all messages and databases.
- Supports leading third-party scan engines: Norman Data Defense, McAfee, Sophos, CA.
- Provides Domino Net Store Protection.
- Supports scanning of Macintosh file formats.
- Supports scanning of digitally signed messages.
- Scans and cleans multi-level zipped attachments and other nested attachments.
- Content Management with customized message filters.
- iNotes Web Access Protection.

Source Antigen for Lotus Domino.
Brief facts about Antigen for Microsoft Exchange:
Sybari's Antigen for Microsoft Exchange

"Reliable, high-performance antivirus protection for Microsoft Exchange."

- Single Anti-virus and security solution for Exchange 2000, Exchange v5.5, and Exchange v5.0.
- Real-time protection of multiple storage groups and their databases.
- Full protection of the Exchange 2000 web storage system, including support for messages sent via Outlook Web Access.
- Multiple scan engine support for more comprehensive virus detection.
- Engine Manager and Bias settings achieve the desired balance between certainty and performance for multiple scanning of attachments.
- In-Memory Scanning of File Attachments and Multi-level .Zip files.
- 100% scanning of all messages/folders in both directions.
- Single instance scanning.
- Supports scanning of digitally signed messages.
- "Watchdog" processes that continuously monitor proper functioning of Antigen Realtime.
- Antigen Worm Purge.

Source Antigen for Microsoft Exchange.