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Thread: subject in forums that links to another site, confusing im sure.

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    Post subject in forums that links to another site, confusing im sure.

    I am a member of another forum on the internet and the admin there posted a test message, the topic simply said "Test" when you clicked on the topic to read the post it just linked you to some other web site. He also had one where the topic was blank and so was the post. When i try to do this and simply leave everything blank it gives me an error. I expected this but i am wondering how he did these two things. I am almost certain it is html but i cant get either of the two things to work for me. When i inserted html in the topic area and tried to make a simple link when i made the post the topic was showing all the html i put in. If anyone can or is willing to help me i would appreciate it, thanks )

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    Firstly why would you want to post a blank thread, isn't the point of posting to get across a point, view or opinion?
    Secondly I cant answer on how you make a link on another site but on AO you clik on the "http://" button, the first box that pops up is where you can enter the link text, for example 'CLIK HERE', the next box that pops up is where you put the URL of the website.

    Why you want to post to another site other than AO is beyond me though

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    I didnt say that i was going to do it, it is just when i see something that is cool(at least to me anyway) i like to know how it is done. I was just wondering how he did it. I am on a 3ds max forum all the time and the linking to another site would be good for getting people to critique my web site changes.

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