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Thread: AO's most wanted list...

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    Exclamation AO's most wanted list...

    Hey guys.. well ive just been wondering after looking at The_Jinx's pic and mine.. im juz curious if how many of AO members here have pics that would pass for an FBI most wanted picture?

    if u dunno what i meant.. well have a look at these pics and tell me if you have a pic with thesame IMPACT..

    the "bad guy" sort of look.. and ill make a page where i can post them and call it AO's most wanted..

    here are the samples and criteria:

    as i said.. if u know anyone who is in AO and has that sort of look and IMPACT.. please tell us.. heheh

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    Now I know you sOnIc! I saw you in the post office yesturday on the most wanted sheet. LOL

    This is going to be interesting to see what pics come out of the woodworks........
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    hahaha. you guys don't look that bad. Y'know sOnIc, if you got the ao driver license pictures, then you'd have a gallery of rogues. Most people look like shzt in that one.

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    Its all like.... AO rate a buddy!! LOL
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    I just updated my pic and it doesn't look any better....

    I like this thread... thx s0nic
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    Haha I love this thread! Too bad I don't look like I could make it on the FBI list... Err... wait, what am I saying?!
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