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Thread: The mindset of some people....

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    Noble Hamlet

    The mindset of some people....

    ...shocks me....

    Here am I trying to make a contribution and somebody leaves this little message in my antipopint box....

    Ltes see if your "allies" are as prepared to give your sorry ass greenpoints as I am to give you red. I will not let your sorry ass ruin this leave FAGGOT
    Spell lets correctly next time.

    "allies", dont you get it I have no allies, the fact that you believe me is amazing, who would ally with a neophythe who began his days here annoying people?

    I am not here to ruin the board.

    FAGGOT - Homophobe, welcome to 2002 and please leave your ignorance at the door.

    Sorry to anyone who didnt want to see that but well this 'person' should be exposed surely?
    If you agree I would appreciate some green points as he gave me lots of red and he is going around giving out red to everyone as revenge just so he can give me some.

    So if you noticed red points lately it was a user called larryjs who is messing us about.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: The mindset of some people....

    Originally posted by Noble Hamlet
    ...shocks me....
    Me to, why does someone bother to give a lots of negative points instead of simple use a PM? I guess this person has to be afraid of a conflict and tries to hide and make life bitter for all of us .

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    I tell you what shocks me....and that is you make some kind of "sympathy ploy" to gain +points and poeple fall for it. I don't even waste my antipoint quota on you anymore because you are uncorrectable NH. If you would post something on topic to this site everybody would be glad to give you greenpoints. It seems all you want to do however is stir up trouble! I'll give you some +points the first time I see you post something site related..until then <shrug>

    And you are probally lying about the whole deal....larryjs light is red He can't give out -points.....and as you started your days here stirring up trouble!

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    Noble Hamlet
    Hey antihaxor I like to think of myself as a reformed character, Im secretly learning from this site and Im gonna put together something good soon so I get some greenies if I can.

    Just wait a bit as Im new to the security game thats all.

    Maybe Ill surprise you but its the surprise that makes it all worthwhile!

    I know you, R_A_ and larryjs will never like me but its a challenge to make you like me that I am taking on.

    And just to clear things up I was not Remote-Access_2 as you may believe!

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    You don't understand me at all NH Its not a matter of "like" or "dislike" The only reason why I ever got into with you was because of the way you posted. If you post a good article that is site revelent I will be glad to show my approval with greenies. I require an apology for the "These poeple should be shot" thread. That thread was trollish and uncalled for. Your constant slurs against poeple who try to post useful info should cease also...I hold grudges against no one ..least of all against an online person.

    Post corrected!!

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    Noble Hamlet

    Bet you didnt expect this...

    The following is my formal apology for past actions.

    To Remote_Access_

    My past staements are retracted.

    To larryjs

    Who probably wont accept an apology.

    To antihaxor

    For those crazy pm wars we had.

    To JP

    For any trouble I caused.

    To anyone else.

    That I annoyed.

    Now I have another matter to attend to that might make you all happy.

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    Well.. at least you were right on one thing..
    I will never like you. What ever 'challlenge'
    you have presented youself with is going to
    be nothing more than a failure if your intentions
    are to some how con me into liking you.
    Thank you antihaxor but i think i can speak for my self.
    I believe Remote will as well
    I disagree.. i don't think RA will. NH has never posted
    a thread remotely related to security and probably
    never will.. thats fine though. An appology would
    be appropriate but not required since it makes
    no difference either way...


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    Noble Hamlet
    Ok Remote thats ok with me.

    I can try still though cant I?

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    I suppose that you can
    but it will have little or no
    effect so i wouldn't even bother.
    What's with the 'change of heart'
    all of a sudden?


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