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Thread: Help me about configuration in Linux

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    Unhappy Help me about configuration in Linux

    Hi frens,
    I have installed Linux 1 month ago. However, until now I can't use internet in Linux. I tried to configure the internet connection in all 3 three ways:
    1) directly connect to the internet
    2)manually configure...:
    HTTP proxy: proxy.... port:8080
    FTP proxy: proxy..... port:8080
    3)Automatically detect......
    No matter how I tried, I cannot connect to internet.
    Anyone kind enough, please help me out
    Thanks a bunch

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    Some isp's don't support linux. (chap/pap logon)
    how do(would) you connect?
    You say "until now", does this mean you've solved the problem?
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    What ISP do you use? Some of them, MSN for instance, require you to put "MSN/" in the username slot, instead of just "username."

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    Is this connection a dialup or some sort of broadband?
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    Thanks all for your concerns.
    I still can't connect the internet.
    I am using Local Area Network in my campus, not dial.
    Thanks again, and waiting for your precious helps.

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    What build/version of Linux are you running. As well, make sure your hardware is compatable by going to the vendors site or the Linux build vendor site. Then we can go from there.
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    First check your connection and network card (NIC). You can do this very easy by doing a ping
    so go to a terminal and use the 'ping' command.

    ping youripnumber

    Ping to yourself first, if you get some respons like: bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128 then you have a working card, now try to ping another box on your network, for instance the proxy or webserver from your local area network, you should get something like bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=255, basic is when you have some respons instead of packet loss, your connection is working. If this is working then you have to configure your DNS servers, enter the primary and secundary DNS server IP's, if there's a webproxy or webcaching cluster on your network you need to enter that IP as proxy server. (this config can be done in your Linux network tab depending on distro, or command line) In your internetbrowser you need to set your connection to direct connection or LAN connection, at the proxy settings you have to enter the proxy IP. After you have set those settings your connection should be working properly. Ask your LAN admin what kind of settings you need if you still have probs.

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    Linuxconf -> Networking
    From there, go into the Host options and set up all your details like IP address (if manually configured) or DHCP server, and then DNS servers. Finally, in netscape (or whatever browser you use), enter your proxy settings... and you should have a working connection then.
    Try to ping other boxes on the network to make sure it's connected and can see all the rest of the network, or failing that ask your admin for the settings you'd need.
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    Hi frens,
    I tried to ping, but even my ip number can't be reached. I don't know the reason why. Actually, I was be able to connect to my campus network, but others can't be(such as, However, after some modification of mines , now I can't connect to my campus network ( even my school's homepage)
    Can you give me some more advice? Thanks for your help ever

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    Although, I have tried to set up my details in conf/networking, according to those in WinXp, which I am using now.

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