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Thread: Not Security but Networking Question

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    Question Not Security but Networking Question

    Hello I am new to this so here is the best I can describe it,
    Here at work we have a Unix mainframe type computer system. The actual computers are dumb terminals running off the base station.

    Anyway we want to add another user and we are not sure how hard of a task this would be. Can we just get another cord and hook that up? or would you have to set up the properties or something from the mainframe? Sorry about the questions. I do not have any experience with this. Also here is a link to a picture of the box the cables hook into. Not sure if you need this but on the cords it has RJ45 and 420-0004-125.


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    Without knowing the details of your system its hard to answer. I would start by adding the system to hub and seeing if they can get in. Experimentation might be best.
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    Hard to tell without more info but you may have a hardware terminal server referencing your dumb terms to the mainframe. If this is the case go into config mode on that unit and chekc its active ports (board ports) add another if no open ones.

    hope this helps.

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    depending on the network protocols and the hardware itself, as well as the exact software running on the mainframe, it might just auto-detect new clients, or it might require a lot of additional administration like adding a new user account mapped to an IP address or something...
    I dunno if that helped, I'm not much of a mainframe person so I don't have much knowledge of the way such things work.
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    My Question is: Where is the computer systems operator/admin/engineer?
    They would know how to do it.
    It appears to me that you are trying to bypass your IT support people.

    I hope they are using HP Openview and have the ports locked which case...whatever you do will be a waste of time!

    My advice: Go through the proper channels.
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    haha wow.. i really cant help much there coz thats really OLD tech.. but does ur mainframe computer has an extra port for another dumb terminal to get connected? coz if it has.. well just plug it in.. dumb terminals only emulate whats in the mainframe.. no need much configuration..

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