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Thread: Hole in BlackIce

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    Lightbulb Hole in BlackIce

    A denial of service condition has been reported in Internet Security Systems's BlackICE Defender, BlackICE Agent and RealSecure Server Sensor,which can be exploited by a remote user. Exploitation is achievable via a ping flood attack.

    Sending a continuous series of ICMP Echo Request (Ping) 10,000 byte packets to a target host, could cause the host to reboot.

    Reportedly, only Windows 2000 and XP hosts are susceptible to this issue.

    Read more article at

    Thanks !!!

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    I have a feeling that if you posted something that wasn't form, the universe would implode. Or at least thast's the impression I get
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla nĂ¡ engwar.

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    I'd be happy if he would just start one thread per issue...this makes THREE! sheesh

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    Originally posted by antihaxor
    I'd be happy if he would just start one thread per issue...this makes THREE! sheesh


    I visit XatriX before I come here...I'm reading the same stuff over and over! LOL....Oh well, I give him 10 out of 10 for persistence...

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    Sorry guys, but people must be informed and information must be free !!!
    If you dont think so, than **** off...

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    Originally posted by KOBBRAS
    Sorry guys, but people must be informed and information must be free !!!
    If you dont think so, than **** off...

    Look, ya dumb son of a bitch. We've all tried to be nice and subtle dealing with your xatrix posts but it seems you haven't got the hint. Now you're even telling us to **** off!? LOL...

    We are all aware of xatrix. Most of us even visit xatrix. There's no need for you to post it here. If I want to read about the latest exploits and vulnerability's I'll go to xatrix.

    The worst part of this wholw xatrix thing is that you post the same "cut and paste" in 3-4 threads!

    Remeber how badly you got flamed at alt.2600.hackerz when you posted the link to xatrix? LOL....We already know! Give it a rest, cowboy....You see how that little dot next to your name is changing color? That's because people think you're an idiot.

    Perhaps if you added your own commentary about the article it wouldn't be so bad? Just a suggestion....

    The text above was not from xatrix but a creation of my own brain. Any resemblence to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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    No comment

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    I don't mind if you post what you think is useful info..just keep it to one thread
    If you get no replys..well take the hint.

    I agree that most of us know of Xatrix...but his posts are at least security related
    It sure beats the hell out of "the world's longest thread" and we still have poeple giving Noble Hamlet +points for that one.

    I would still hit you with - points for telling us to ***** off....lucky for you my quota is all used up for today. There isn't a need for that man!

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    Maybe You dont understand the point, and point is that the site is not important, informations are important, maybe you guys dont belive me but i have no a single penny for posting that threats,and I apologize everybody who didnt understand my thought...

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    I think you'll get much better reactions from people if you A: add your own thoughts on it, B: post it once in the appropriate section, and C: don't tell people to 'fsck off'. Information is free, but so is the ability to post one's opinion, just as several parties have done here. Notice, it's the people that are on here every day posting suggestions. It would pay to heed some of what they say, especially since they haven't used profanity in an originating post directed at any one person. Retaliation, well that's a different story and you get what you give. Just a helpful suggestion.

    And yes, those negative points assigned were because you had to tell everyone who disagreed that 'information must be free' to 'fsck off'. We don't need that crap here. God alone knows there's a few people here (ahem E_S) who haven't yet learned that lesson.
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