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Thread: The lying floppy disk!

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    Now let's not jump to conclusions and say that this floppy is lying. It's only mis-understood! And it was always such a quiet child!

    Seriously, Rewandythal had the best idea. I've used rawrite with great success, and would immediately recommend it to anyone.

    God bless.
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    I just downloaded from the LOAF website ( and rawwrite.exe (GUI Version) from an FTP site miroring the Linux Mandrake 8.1 distribution.
    ( If you download the GUI version (rawwrite) you'll need to also download diskio.dll, the DOS version does not require this DLL.
    Anyway, after extracting the 1.44 MB disk image from the 800KB zip file, I used rawwrite to write it to the floppy with no problems!
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    why don't you just zip it, and if its already zipped u could ace it.
    Just my two cents

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    Or it could just have some bad sectors.
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