If you don't know what DansGuardian is don't bother reading this, unless of course you want to. Well at school we have DansGuardian and my computer teacher doesn't mind me hacking, I am his Network Security Pro you might say lol. Anyhow he said he has never seen anyone hack it, so I have taken this as an invatation to do so. Now I know DansGuardian runs on any *nix based OS, but I can only access the linux (redhat) DNS server by SSH and I dont see anyway to hack the root password. I know whoever set up DansGuardian didn't do it right because it says "Access Denied : you have no premission to access xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/cgi-bin/dansguardian.pl", instead of the normal page ( can be viewed in the screen shots section at http://www.dansguardian.org ). So far I can't find very many holes execpt that if you use the ip of the webpage you can access it, or sometimes if you try a different url (eg: www.hotmail.com = Access Denied or hotmail.msn.com = hotmials login or = hotmail.com). Other then this I cant find any other hole that would allow me full access to any sites, so I was just wondering if anyone else knows of this? If so could you help me or give me some tips so I can figure it out? Thanks a lot.

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