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    Lightbulb RoboCode

    I got this recommendation from a friend, and I thought I'd share it with you. It's a game called RoboCode, a JavaBased API where you create your own robots that fight eachother. You can download other peoples robots from the net, and see how your own robot does. But you have to know Java to a certain degree, but I'm not talking bout a very experienced level. Actually the whole game was developed to make people learn Java in a fun way.

    Looks good anyway, and I've heard it's mighty fun! Enjoy!

    Here's the link

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    The level of programming knowledge needed for this game is very low indeed - one of my friends, who has no programming experience whatsoever, learned writing bots in one afternoon, just by looking at the source code of other bots. A simplified Java editor is included with the game, by the way. If you want to start learning a bit or two about java and/or ai, this is great point to start.
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    This is great! A novel way of learning Java. Who ever thought up this one needs a little pat on the back. I will be giving it a go for sure.

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    that was great man..thanks for the link and for the information also...
    good post....

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    Very cool. I'll have to check that out. Thanks.
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    Man, yet another reason I need to get off my butt and install OS X, it don't work on MacOS 9. . .

    One of these days. . .

    but it looks like a fun way to play around with code writing

    good link proactive,


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    i had a win and linux version of the game (or a similar game)..
    but this one realy rocks!!
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