Just an update on some things happening/that happened in the Tampa area.

1: The Bank of America building that was hit on the 28th floor by the 15 year old has almost completed repairs. I drive by this building every day on the toll road and I've been meaning to get a pic of it. Keep forgetting though.

2: A family of 5 canadians were killed while driving south to St. Petersburg (where I work, south of Tampa) in Maryland when a woman in her brand new bought-that-day Ford Explorer 2002 talking on the cell phone hit the median, launched into the air (all four wheels off the ground), crossed airborne over the median and landed *on top of* the minivan that the canadian family was driving. Their three weeks of golfing in sunny St. Petersburg ended right then as all five occupants were killed instantly. Today, while driving to work, I counted 18 people driving and talking on their cell phones with only 1 driver using the handsfree. What the hell is wrong with people these days? I see countless drivers talking on the phone and not paying attention at all to traffic and if you're on I-4 or any other major highway/road/etc, you should NOT be talking about what's for dinner, how great sex was last night, or anything.

3: In St. Petersburg two days ago, a 34 year old man who lived in a mobile home w/o furniture got jealous of his girlfriend (who had five kids, with a sixth on the way, and a crack habit) who had broken up with him to date an 18 year old, got in his car with a 2 1/2 foot (76.2 cm) machete, drove over to her apartment, got into a fight with the 18 year old and cut off his head. After that, he took the head and put it on the hood of his car as a rather grotesque hood ornament and arranged the two side view mirrors on the hood so that the head could see itself as he yelled at it in the driver's seat, all the while shaking the machete at it. This guy is a mental case (ya think?) who suffers from schizophrenia, hasn't been taking his medicine (surprise there), and has been to court over several other crimes that he wasn't tried for because "he was mentally incompetent to stand trial".

4: Guy in Tampa was arrested yesterday after calling three women on his cell phone saying he had a 6 year old in a motel room and was raping her, moaning all the while like it was happening. Nobody was with him or near him when he was arrested.

Do we have some fscked up people or not living in this world?