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Thread: win execuatables

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    win execuatables

    From time to time I have lots of time on my hands. Often this occurs in Corporate training classes. I have begun compiling a list of execuatable files for NT (all exe,com, cmd and bat files in winnt and its sub-directory). I take my list and put a short description next to (when I know or can get it using help <command> or <program> /?) I am only partially finished. Please let me know if your interested in what find. I am also curious if I am wasting my time (ie someone else did this and its available from Google -haven't checked for that yet)

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    Although I know most... a complete list would be a cool addition to my knowlege base..
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    Honestly, a better site suggestion is for JP to put short descriptions of the progs in the download area.

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    I didn't mean for this to go to site suggestions. Meant for it to go to AntiOnline General Chit Chat. Tried to edit the post and change grouping didn't see a way to do it.

    FYI Getting the list is easy from cmd goto winnt dir and enter
    dir *.exe *.cmd *.exe /s > executable.txt

    Figuring out what the program does is more of a challenge
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    In most instances, you can find information about what a executable does in Microsoft Technet...
    this comes on CD's, but is also viewable via the web @

    If your working in a windows environment, being familiar with technet is one of the best things that you can have....
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    If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What\'s more, you deserve to be hacked.
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    The feedback so far seems to be positive. I will post the list over the weekend.
    If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What\'s more, you deserve to be hacked.
    -- former White House cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke

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    The list of exe files. A few notes. The list was generated using the company snap (image) of NT 4.0 sp5 and Novell. I did most of the grunt work in the office. I finished at home. The home system is w2k server. If an executable was not present on the home system when I finished I deleted it. If you see an explaination of the format ?? some text ?? I am guessing based of naming convention. I assume that the reader is familar with certain commands so I used the acroymn NSIA (Name says it all). If the name is followed by ????? an educated guess would have been less then educated. There are ~160 more executables for 2000 then NT. Although I would like to have the list I have better things to do with my time. Nothing listed below was verified with via google. I submit it to u for peer view. The files come from the system32 dir.
    Directory of C:\WINNT\system32

    actmovie.exe ?????
    AcUnInstall.exe ????
    append.exe similiar to Unix Alias
    ARP.EXE Displays and modifies the IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by
    address resolution protocol (ARP).
    at.exe schedule tasks
    attrib.exe set attributes
    AUTOCHK.EXE not a win 32 app
    AUTOCONV.EXE not a win 32 app
    autolfn.exe autolfn.exe
    BOOTOK.EXE ??probabe system check??
    BOOTVRFY.EXE ??probabe system check??
    CACLS.EXE access control list tool
    CALC.EXE name says it all (here on NSIA)
    cdplayer.exe NSIA
    charmap.exe NSIA
    CHKDSK.EXE Verify disk intergrity
    CHKNTFS.EXE see above
    cliconfg.exe SQL Client config tool -might not be standard w2k
    clipbrd.exe NSIA
    clipsrv.exe ?? tied to clip board?? Not sure of details
    comp.exe NSIA
    COMPACT.EXE compact tool
    control.exe control panel
    CONVERT.EXE Convert to NTFS
    cscript.exe Script Host
    CSRSS.EXE Not a win 32 bit app
    DCOMCNFG.EXE DCOM Configurator
    DDESHARE.EXE Dynamic Data Exchange Manager
    debug.exe Debug tool
    diskperf.exe Physical Disk Performance tool
    DLLHOST.EXE ????
    doskey.exe Allows you to use the arrow keys to wade through command history
    DOSX.EXE launches an interface similar to cmd but disables doskey
    DPLAYSVR.EXE DirectPlay helper not sure what help it offer. . . Trys to access internet
    drwatson.exe Checks for GPF Type faults (Dr Watson Errors)
    DRWTSN32.EXE Configure Dr Watson Errors
    edlin.exe Line oriented text editor -similar to vi
    EVENTVWR.EXE Event viewer
    exe2bin.exe Converts .EXE (executable) files to binary format.
    expand.exe Infate or index cab files
    fastopen.exe ????
    fc.exe not clear
    find.exe Find a string
    findstr.exe more advanced version of above
    forcedos.exe NSIA
    gdi.exe If I recall correctly this is one of the primary windows files
    GRPCONV.EXE Group converter
    help.exe NSIA
    HOSTNAME.EXE What's my name bitch?
    ie5msi.exe NSIA
    internat.exe ?????????
    IPCONFIG.EXE basic tool used to configure DHCP
    IPXROUTE.EXE IPX Routing and Source Routing Control Program
    jdbgmgr.exe ???????????
    KRNL386.EXE Kernel
    lights.exe ?????
    LOCATOR.EXE ??????? Comes back qucikly of cmd args used hangs w/o
    LODCTR.EXE ????????
    MAPISRVR.EXE ?? something to do with the implementation of the mapi protocol???
    mem.exe Analyize and or display memory usage
    mplay32.exe NSIA
    mpnotify.exe ????
    mscdexnt.exe ?? CD Driver ??
    MSHTA.EXE open a blank popup using the command line arg as the title
    msiexec.exe windows installer tool
    NDDEAPIR.EXE ???????????
    NET.EXE start/stop services map network drives and a variety of other things -great cmd tool
    NET1.EXE enhancement to above ? (same help when no args given)
    NETDDE.EXE ????
    NETSTAT.EXE Traffic monitoring tool
    nlsfunc.exe Loads country-specific information
    notepad.exe NSIA
    NSLOOKUP.EXE track ip to name
    NTBACKUP.EXE Backup utility -trys to access internet at startup
    NTOSKRNL.EXE Not a DOS Mode utility kernel relate ???
    NTVDM.EXE ?????
    odbcad32.exe ODBC Data Source Administrator
    odbcconf.exe Perform MDAC install options (pop-up help given)
    OS2.EXE Usage : OS2 /P <full path> /C <original CommandLine> ?? Run OS2 programs ??
    OS2SRV.EXE see above not ???
    os2ss.exe Not win 32 app
    packager.exe Object Packager is a tool you can use to create a package that you can insert into a document
    pax.exe Redirect input to /dev/tty from cmd args not sure what this is meant to accomplish
    PENTNT.EXE Check for Pentium floating point errpr
    PERFMON.EXE Performance moniotring tool
    PING.EXE Is alive
    posix.exe usage: posix /c <path> [<args>] ?? posix command ??
    print.exe NSIA
    progman.exe win3x file manager
    PROQUOTA.EXE ?? Check allocation quota not exceeded ??
    psxss.exe ?????????
    qbasic.exe NSIA
    rasadmin.exe Remote Access Admin Tool
    RASPHONE.EXE Dial a remote connnection ??using RAS security ??
    RCP.EXE Copies files to and from computer running the RCP service.
    RECOVER.EXE RECOVER [drive:][path]filename
    redir.exe Vdm Redirector ???????
    regedt32.exe NSIA
    REGSVR32.EXE used to un/register dlls ??I think ocx controls too??
    REPLACE.EXE Replace file
    REXEC.EXE Run commands on remote hosts running the service
    ROUTE.EXE Manipulates network routing tables.
    RSH.EXE Runs commands on remote hosts running the RSH service.
    rundll32.exe ??used to run dlls not sure of details or syntax??
    runonce.exe ??run something once //maybe put in run once in registry hklm\software\windows\current version\runonce??
    SAVEDUMP.EXE ??SAve memory dump from blue screen??
    SERVICES.EXE ??services running??
    setup.exe Used by add remove programs from control panel
    setver.exe Show versions of ms products loaded
    share.exe ?????I think it goes back to w3x DOS but can't remember??
    shmgrate.exe ??Secure shelll migration or sh migration if sh not secure shell??
    skeys.exe ??keys for ...??
    sndrec32.exe Sound Recorder
    sndvol32.exe volume
    sort.exe NSIA
    sprestrt.exe Not a win32 app
    subst.exe Associates a path with a drive letter.
    syncapp.exe ?????
    sysedit.exe NSIA
    SYSKEY.EXE Enable additional encryption for Accounts DB
    systray.exe ?? Area of start bar that shows apps running in background ie norton or morephus ??
    taskman.exe NSIA
    TCMSETUP.EXE Telephony clinet setup
    TCPSVCS.EXE ??TCP Servic ??
    telnet.exe NSIA
    TFTP.EXE tftp service rather then ftp service
    TRACERT.EXE trace route
    unam4ie.exe ???
    UNLODCTR.EXE ??unload ctr set ??
    ups.exe ??Unintrerupted power supply ??
    USER.EXE ??system component??
    USERINIT.EXE Opens explorer in my documents
    winhlp32.exe Windows Help driver
    WINMSD.EXE System Information
    winspool.exe ??Print Spooler??
    winver.exe NSIA
    wowdeb.exe ?????
    wowexec.exe ??????
    write.exe Wordpad
    wscript.exe Windows Script host

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