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Thread: email tracing

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    email tracing

    How can you perform email tracing without having actual access to the main servers?

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    Look at this tutorial....And I dont understand what you mean you dont have access to the main server... If by that you mean the EMail server itself then read the tutorial. Hope this helps

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    You might also find tracert useful . . .
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    I haven't looked at the tutorial, so this may be redundant...But you need to be able to view the header in order to attempt to trace an email...The means to do that varies with how you are viewing your messages...There should be an originating IP address in there somewhere....

    However, just because that's what it says, doesn't mean that's really where it's from....SMTP servers can be fooled into thinking that a message is being forwarded from a different IP address than the one it is actually coming from...

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    thanks for the link ac1dsp3ctrum, it surely helped.

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    A solution might to get the header of the e-mail. I use yahoo and there is an option to enable that. You can see by which SMTP server the mail has gone through and, as far as I can remember, you might even be able to get the IP of the sender, although it can be a local one, in which case it is no good.
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