Here's a question for you all ... maybe some food for thought.

In this Internet age, borders are fading and our world is becoming a global one. As a result, national laws are encountering their limitations. What's allowed in one country is highly illegal in another.

What are your thoughts on having an international approach to these problems? Do you think we need international laws or should we stick to national laws?

If we do stick to national laws, should we get rid of domains like .com and replace them with so that you could say
"You have a .us domain, therefore you shall abide by US laws"

The case of Yahoo has shown the problem. A French judge tells Yahoo that it's illegal to auction Nazi memorabilia, an American judge tells Yahoo they can ignore the French judge.

I'm currently doing some work on policy questions for the Internet and I'd like to hear from you all to see what you think.

I personally see many problems of the international approach (like how do you get all countries to agree on a set of "laws" due to various levels of tolerance), but I also see the need to address some of the issues to protect users in the longer term.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!