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Thread: BT and hypertext copyright

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    Unhappy BT and hypertext copyright

    Next week, NY's Federal court will decide an hystorical sentence.

    British Telecom has requested to an American ISP (Prodigy) royalty regards hypertext copyright. BT has found a patent of 1989 where is explained an old tecnology of frist 70's: hypertext.

    If Fed court give all reason to BT, british ISP can request royalty for everyone click on the web !!!

    Imagine what brake for internet's development !!!

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    Trust a Limey company to come up with something like that.


    Dam Limeys get everywhere.

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    There's no way that copyright will hold up in court. The implications reach way too far. Not to mention how will you go about counting links to find out how much to pay them?
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    It won't hold water. BT is in way over their heads.

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