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    Cosmos forum


    I know it was only very recently that you stopped the Cosmos forums new posts being updated to the main page of AO, but I would like to see this return.

    I know AO is first and foremost a security related site. But since cosmos posts were removed there have been relatively few new posts (or even readings) on this forum

    Just a thought!

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    they are back

    thx JP and ofcouse the_Gee_Nee
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    I didn't even know that the COSMOS forum has been taken out of the front page, but I think that the forum provides great posts. Users post their ideas and topics that they want others to contribute to and state their opinions. I think the COSMOS forum is very usefull and provides topics where everyone can contribute to evenly, whether they are computer professionals or newbies. Your opinion is valued and it should be on the front page, as it gets the attention of other users, who can comment their opinion. I'm glad it's back online and fully visible in the front page, it would have been sad to see it dissapear from the front page - sometimes very interesting topics are posted there which I like to read others' opinions on.


    (I'm sorry if this post seems like I'm a bit lost...I'm currently under the influence of alcahol...I don't even know what I'm doing next to a PC...)
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    I understand that this is a security related site and as such the posts should be centered around security issues. I must admit however that the Cosmos forum is my favorite. My only issue with it that posts there should be free from antipoint assignments. That is the only way IMHO that true postions on issues will be stated. It seems we have some members who give out - points because they disagree with a stated position. I believe the way to deal with issues you don't agree with is intelligent debate.

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    the_JinX, I just posted a reply on the Cosmos, and it was not updated to the AO front page.

    EDIT: Antihaxor has a good point about the points idea too The antipoints debate might go on and on though

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