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Thread: How to talk to search engines.

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    How to talk to search engines.

    Judy West has put together a tut on advanced ways to query the different types of search engines. West attacks the Web by systematically and relentlessly navigating through search engines and into databases deeper than many people would imagine. She uses tools available to everyone, such as Boolean commands, "advanced modifiers" and other commands and tactics. But she juggles search engines and manipulates commands to "X-ray" a server, "flip" a domain and, in general, "un-layer the Net," as she calls it. "What I do is legitimate," she says. "It's not hacking."

    I knew most of this already but there are a few new tips here:

    peace to all

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    Hello Antihaxor!

    Good day to you! Thanks for that article. It is indeed informative Keep-up the good work!!!

    A blessed day to all!!!


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    Hello Antihaxor !

    Good post and a Interesting link not much new, but I got some new hints on how to treat the different searchengines out there when I do "advertise" a homepage (how to index them).


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    Nothing new, just as micael said, but nice non-the-less.
    Nice little refresher =)
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    hey man thanks for the ..information...i got something new ...thanks and keep up the good work...
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