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Thread: Cyberwarfare terms

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    Cyberwarfare terms

    I thought this was a good read today
    Thanks to guys at
    theres a few i havent heard before + ankle biter made me laugh.

    A glossary of security and cyberwarfare terms


    Alderson Loop: A special kind of infinite loop that traps the user by using a false exit Any equipment of an interconnected system or subsystem of equipment that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, control, display, transmission, or reception of data and includes software, firmware, and hardware.

    Ankle Biter: A person who aspires to be a hacker/cracker but has very limited knowledge or skills related to AISs. Usually associated with young teens who collect and use simple, malicious programs obtained from the Internet.

    Anomaly Detection Model: A model where intrusions are detected by looking for activity that is different from a user's or a system's normal behavior.

    ASIM (Automated Security Incident Measurement): Monitors network traffic and collects information on targeted unit networks by detecting unauthorized network activity.

    Attacker Traps : Systems used to lure hackers or other information warriors into an attack so that they can be traced.


    Backdoor (Trapdoor): An intentional breach in the security of a computer system left in place by designers or maintainers. A hidden software or hardware mechanism used to circumvent security controls. A breach created intentionally for the purpose of collecting, altering, or destroying data.

    Bastion Host: A system that has been hardened to resist attack at some critical point of entry and that is installed on a network in such a way that it is expected to come under attack. Bastion hosts are often components of firewalls or may be "outside" Web servers or public access systems. Generally, a bastion host is running some form of general-purpose operating system (e.g., LNIX, VMS, WNT, etc.) rather than a ROM-based or firmware operating system.

    BLOB (Binary Large Object): Can be stored in a database but normally not interpretable by a database program. Occasionally used as a mild hacker threat when mailed. Can also be used to hide malicious logic code.

    Blue Bomb (a.k.a. Blue Screen of Death or WinNuke): Technique for causing the Windows operating system of someone you’re communicating with to crash or suddenly terminate. The blue bomb contains information that the operating system can't process. This condition causes the operating system to "crash" or terminate prematurely. Its name comes from the effect it sometimes causes on the display, as the operating system is terminating a white-on-blue error screen.

    Bomb: A generic description for the crashing of software or hardware systems.

    Breach: 1) The successful defeat of security that could result in system penetration. 2) Violation of a system’s controls that exposes information assets or system components.

    "Brute Force" Password Cracker: Guessing the password until you figure it out, whether via manual methods or by using a program that continually guesses passwords. Programs will try passwords like "aa," "ab," "ac," and so on until every legal character combination has been tried.

    read the rest here

    hope this hast been posted already

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    This is nice, but there is a fantastic jargon dictionary right here at AO - check it out, link right off the main page.


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    true true, theres some wicked info on it

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