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Thread: Halt! Who goes there?

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    Lightbulb Halt! Who goes there?

    I thought this was a pretty interesting idea...

    Smart Fence

    I can see why the Army is interested in it. Can anyone say 'Claymore Mines'? Hehe.
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    LOL True.... I still dont understand why it took so long to perfect the technology..... But thats a good idea with the clays

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    That's some pretty cool stuff.

    Also, probably the reason why it took so long to develope the thing is because they had to get all of those features down pat. For example getting it to recognize the size and shape of the intruder and to analyze it to see if it's just simply a little bird or someone climbing the fence. Also from the sound of it it is a bit hard to set up, with all of those sensors and springs and such.
    Who knows?
    Also I like the idea of it for home use. "GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!" and such ;P
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    useful for a lot of businesses. hmmm.

    Wonder what computer "measures" are going to hooked up to that system besides tear gas.

    Remember reading about an automated machinegn pillbox on the wall in the bad old days of east germany. You climbed up - it activated.

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