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Thread: RePWL Left Something Behind...

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    RePWL Left Something Behind...

    It left behind some traces in some windows files (Repwl.lgc and REPWL.1.LGC) making so that whenever I want to open a *.pwl file it automaticaly attempts to load repwl.exe. I got rid of Repwl a few days ago...and I guess it didn't want to go away. =\
    I didn't want to delete the lines within the two files (see above) because I'm affraid that I'll screw something important up. (ex in one file it says: o dda505e0 50e00 "C:\WINDOWS\PROFILES\SAM\DESKTOP\REPWL.EXE" and then some more lines of numbers/letters after it and then a differant program and more 'random' numbers/letter.)
    What should I do?
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    First, I'm not familiar with this particular problem so take this post with a grain of salt.
    Secondly, did you check in the "Add/Remove" prgms app for remnants that you can remove using that.
    Thirdly, have you perused your registry.
    Fourth, maybe Mr. Google @ could steer you in the right direction....

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    Remove te association of that type via view->options->File type from w/in explorer
    (I think in 2k the list is alphabitized not sure in earlier versions). Also like suggested by niboreon check the registry.

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    Ok I'll try all of this when I get home.
    Btw: i checked registry and nothing was there (i removed the program completely)
    So I guess it's just those two files....I'll do the file association thingy when I get home.
    Thanks guys!
    To be God is to be Root, if someone is erking you just type: rm -d /home/heathen

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