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Thread: Old Accounts

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    Old Accounts

    I think we should delete old account that havnt been used in over 3 months and have 0 posts... Ive been looking through the member list and there are at least 200 accounts like that... And there just taking up server space/names other people might want to use...

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    It's true, there are a lot of them... Even cutting out half of them would drastically decrease the user count... I think the thing is a lot of them are one-time accounts, and other are used by people who only hang out on IRC or download files. Since the system seems to be handling okay, it is probably best to err on the side of removing fewer, rather than too many accounts.

    There is probably some server logistics that could be improved by removing them... on the other hand, the number of accounts is an impressive statistic... Tough choice for JP
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    Though you have to think that probably a lot of those accounts are just so that people can d/l files off of here so therefore they wouldn't show up as being active...right?
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    i agree with ac1dsp3ctrum because last time i searched through these list and it' was amazing how many people never post..
    anyway ,"Tough choice for JP" is probably true!
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