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    Subscribed Threads

    In the subscribed thread section of the control panel, it would be nice to have a check box next to each subscribed thread so that you could select multiple entries and just click an unsubscribe button to unsubscribe from the selected ones. That would be a lot more friendly to people with slow connections because, instead of unsubscribing from each thread individually and waiting for the page to load, you could unubscribe to multiple threads in one go. I know that this probably means a bit of work for JP (a rewrite of the unsubscribe script), but this is a feature I'd really like to see. Any opinions?

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    That's a good idea if i understand correctly. Or maybe you could have a system that makes you choose which threads you still want to be subscribed to.
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    My "subscribed" threads list seems to reset itsel to null on a pretty regular basis. One day I'll log in and have 4 or 5 threads in the list (like yesterday) and then this morning, there's not a one.

    I don't really get it......could someone maybe explain how that function works, what we're s'posed to do with it and what actions we can and cannot take....

    I admit I'm lame ... and this info is probably posted elsewhere....
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