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Thread: Compaq TestDrive

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    Compaq TestDrive

    This is basically a post for *NIX newbies because I'm sure that most of the senior members probably know about this. Basically, what Compaq has done is created dozens of high power machines each running a different OS or on a different platform. If you sign up, you can test and use all of these machines by just telnetting to any machine and logging in.
    The OS's include Red Hat Linux 7.1/7.2, Debian/GNU Linux, Slackware Linux as well as Free/Open/Net BSDs. A list of OS's and detailed instructions as well as instructions on how to sign up can be found at:
    Hope some of you find this useful,

    PS: Please do not try to crack/DOS/bring down these machines because that'll both make you lose your account as well as bring down a valuable community resource if you succeed.

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    good post. The message at the end discouraging foolishness was wise.

    Compaq is trying to be more responsive to the it world, especially since all the negative stories due to the merger.

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    Compaq computers always seem to work well, and therefore Compaq have earned my respect (similar to Creative, who's CD ROM drives and sound cards are better than anyone elses and also last longer, from my experience!) I have a compaq P120 running Linux Mandrake 7.1, and the Intel processor in the Compaq built system works better than my AMD K6/2-450 running Windows 2000... The reason? I guess Linux is better than Windows where speed is concerned anyway, but Compaq machines are well built, and the older Pentium processors were a reliable lot!!
    I also had 2 Compaq 486 DX2 66 machines a while ago, and both worked fine. I currently use 2 15" compaq monitors, and I have 5 compaq scroll mice!

    In short - I trust technology made by Compaq (and Creative, and yeah - Intel).
    Having said that, I hear great things about the AMD Athlon XP processors, and about them being better than the Intel P4 equivalents...
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    Yep, compaq is great but expensive

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