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Thread: help needed with setting break points

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    help needed with setting break points

    hi guys,
    i am having a sort of problem with setting breakpoints in the W32Dasm debugger.when i set a breakpoint at an address the breakpoint is not set there and the breakpoint is set at the program entry point and when i try to do it again with the breakpoint left just like that at the entry point nothing much happens and the focus or highlight is returned to the program entry point..i went through the help files, but there was no mention of a problem like this and i hope one of you guys out there will be able to help me out.
    waiting for a reply

    with regards

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    nono. dont use w32dasm for anything
    use IDA and softice, that's all you'll ever need

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    where can i find IDA

    i did try to download IDA pro..but when i gave my email address the site refused to accept my email id...where else can i get a copy of IDA

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    i have a copy. but i wong give it out to someone i dont know

    but i'm surprised you dont know where to get progs like these, what are you using them for? debugging or reversing?

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    Post IDE

    scorpion, have your tried ?
    Everything is OK.
    Maybe u will need a good download manager - so try Reget Deluxe (
    Some hints on searching ( ) -
    1) ;
    2) type "ida pro" under upper "search" ;
    3) click "search" ;
    4) enjoy results.


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    thanks AIdeveloper

    i went to the links you gave me..thank you very much have been a big help to me unlike the previous guy who could not share what he has nor could he give a link(thats you bpx)...i suggest you just stay quiet BPX if you feel you cannot be of any particular help other than saying sorry i cant...etc
    once again thanks AIdeveloper

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    who's acting like a spoiled little brat. btw, you seem to be having having problems with breakpoints. bpx means breakpoint on exectution, which may help you when you actualy develop a personality and begin to respect people you dont know.

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    Guyz guyz guyz, it is wrong to encourage piracy.
    scorpion as a solution to your problem, use ollydbg instead. Olly is very good and free.
    Alternatively you can also use windbg, another good free debugger.
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