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Thread: How to cut a piece of movie?

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    Lightbulb How to cut a piece of movie?

    Hi all,
    Would you please help me: how to cut a piece of movie and make it a file. Do you know which software I should use?....
    Thanks in advance

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    try Adobe Premeire

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    it depends what format the movie is in. If u do not want to buy adobe premier i suggust :
    Avichopper for avi's of course
    VirtualDub which can be used for avi and mpeg files
    Good Luck,

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    well here is what you can do. first of all, get a program called MGI Video Wave or Pinnacle studio. With MGI you can convert any type of movie file to .AVI(or any other type of file) which is required if you want to watch it on TV by only using a digital camera. (if you have a Firewire card and a digital camera you can export the video to the digital camera then to the TV. You can also do the same process backwards to throw VHS tapes into your computer.)

    MGI and Pinnacle Studio are by far the easiest to use when it comes to video editing. So get those if you are just starting.

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    hey u can try out vcd cuttter its available at

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    this thread is 7 years old...I doubt if the OP will read your response.

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    Spam. He and his posts are gone

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    Usually I use the program VidCrop PRO, to me has very much helped.

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