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    Hi -- when i boot up my PC a file called Loadwc.exe " is running in memory; i cannot find any documentation about what that file could be... any chance it is a trojan??? i shut it down once and my system crashed about 5 minutes later when i was on the internet...... any help or advice greatly appreciated......

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    Just because your comp crashed doesn't mean it was THAT file......
    But I have no idea what it is. (file or reason for crash)
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    Loadwc.exe is part of Interent Explorer. It loads the Web Check program. See;EN-US;q176960 for more details

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    All I know about loadwc.exe is that sometimes is messes up and doesn't read the internet connection as actually there (with certain types of software ie, Efficent Networks Enternet 300 version 1.3), I know normally you can rename/delete the file without an adverse effects, but that isn't something I would recommend doing unless you know 100% for sure IE is the only thing trying to use it.....

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