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Thread: Borland Stormtroopers!

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    Borland Stormtroopers!

    Although I’ve always had great respect for Borland, after reading this article

    I’m not so sure any more.

    It seems in there license agreement they give themselves the right to march into your place unannounced, between 9-5, and thoroughly search you network and premises, too make sure you’ve paid the full amount.

    “By accepting the terms of this agreement, the licensee signs over the right to Borland to conduct random searches of the licensee’s property and networks”

    With no promise of non-disclosure. Not that this matters, because they wouldn’t disclose anything, ever, if they marched into my place.

    The cops can’t even do this..

    I’m glad I never registered a Borland product.
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    I see why you're uneasy about this, or whatever, but I don't see too much wrong with it. If you buy the product like you're supposed to, it'll be no big deal, and if the time is that valuable to you I'm sure they'd reimburse you where needed.

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    Haha! Well, the first time Borland does actually use their "searching rights", post it up!
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    Additional information, update, Corporate Storm Troopers.
    Also... (very general here) Storm Troopers hired by the government are rather held by the limitations of the Bill of Rights. Storm Troopers hired by civilians don't have to play by those rules or afford you those rights, however they don't enjoy the protections afforded to officers of the law acting under color of authority. Don't get hung up on the jagged edges of this two-cent piece. Check with your attorney next time you share coffee.
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