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Thread: AOL Instant Kiss!

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    Excellent heads up! Keep it up!
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    I am a cracker
    Now if your dumb enough to give your screen name AND password to someone, well maybe you deserve the tag 'idiot' or '*******'.

    My girlfriend did not click the link!Nor did she give her screen name and password

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    I know that cracker, never saying she did!

    But you can bet there are lots of people out there who did though.

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    Hey, thanks man. i sent it out (without the scan) to everyone in my phonebook.
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    I am a cracker
    No promblem Tedob1

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    I am very new to this whole thing, but was very surprised what you can see by using a scanning tool. Now i would like to know how efficiant my own protection on my computers is, and there for i would like having such a scanner. like the stealth you talk about ..
    my problem is, i fear, that the tools could be infected with viruses or with trojan horses..
    so i did not download them so far.
    can you tell me, where i can get a version, free of such viruses/horses ?
    i would appreciate your help. as i told you, i am not such a pro like all of you, but willing to learn.

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    Good god, haven't they heard of upgrading? Apache's on 1.3.23 right now not to mention it's got some vulnerabilities from way back that were in 1.3.6-1.3.12. As far as the IIS unicode vulnerability...that looks just like Code Red that's had countless (over 5000) servers running infected IIS pounding on my linux box.

    Hopefully this guy gets shafted hard too.
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