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Thread: respect points for scriptys

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    respect points for scriptys

    i was reading the thread on lamers and i thought this would be a good idea. the antipoints system is great and another type of points system should be here to filter out script kiddies from changing this site from it's real meaning and not turning into another stupid board for 1337 h4x0r$ because this is the best site to learn about security. i was thinking about having "respect points." with a certain amount of respect points you can post on threads because we know that the post will be informative. contrary to that, if you have - respect you must actually gain it back to keep your reputation for not being a scripty to the extent of just plainly being kicked off AO for stupid posts. the antipoint system could actually be used instead of respect, but i think the respect thing should only be from +50 to -50 as to keep someone from abusing it and you can only get a certain amount each day to give you the chance of not getting kicked off on your first post and to edit the post if nessessary. just a suggestion.

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    The only thing is, I'm not sure if you've administrated a board before, but it's not that easy just to kick a person off of your site. There are many different methods to keep someone away, but for every one there are 10 ways around it, so if this person wanted here bad enough they'd be able to come back fairly easily.

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