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Thread: vonerability scanner?

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    vonerability scanner?

    anyone know of a good vonerability scanner for cgi, html, ect...(really anything) that tells a deteled description of what the hole does, how to fix, how bad the hole is ect? i'm tring to secure my site and all i can find are ones that'll tell me the name of the hole, or the file to run.... but nothing about it........

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    I don't know of something that does all of that well, but you could languard. When it finishes it does give some of the vulns and links on them.

    go to

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    Well.... There are a couple of good ones, Ill post the ones I used to use
    Nessus (
    Satan (Sorry no link)
    Saint (Sorry no link)
    If you go to Google and type in 'Satan security scanner' or Saint security scanner' it should give you some good results

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    Try this.

    PS: I haven't tryed it, but any friend had counseled me this.
    PSS: Tell me if it work
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    there is one called n-stealth at it scanns for a huge (18000) list of exploits on your system and the database gets updated constantly. there is also a program called intellitamper that will give a list of every thing that is on your websute including cgi files. you can get it at with a list of well known cgi exploits.

    EDIT: i fixed the nstalker link.(i had a comma after .com.)

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    5150: erm link = broken....and I wanna get that thing - looks/sounds good. =)
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    You should go to and download Advanced Administrative Tools. Then you should go to and download Stealth 2.0 then get Neo-trace!

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    i think i have seen the SATAN proggie in your zipped proggies in the DL section of AO.
    i could ne wrong though.


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