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    Hello all,
    I am fairly new to hacking and computer security and know only a little bit about languages,
    but I am going to start working on learning new programming languages. My Q is, what programming language has the "best" (in your opionion) benefits. I have an extreme amount of patience and can learn anything that I concentrate on. I have read a lot about languages but, should I learn asm to make virii and worms, c++ for basic programs, java or html for web, or what else?

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    No offense but didn't you get a clue when you read this thread:

    I happened to noticed you viewing this thread so I know you've read it. You can find out what I think there.

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    Go to ( and look at the pull down menu on the right side.. I recommend learning some web languages first (HTML and Javascript) the go to C... C is the basis for C++ and other languages.. Hope this helps... And on a different topic... Before you post look at older threads

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    okay haxor,
    thank you for your "link"

    ps:nly some think virii and worms are bad

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    I am a cracker
    I have read a lot about languages but, should I learn asm to make virii and worms, c++ for basic programs, java or html for web, or what else?

    Why would you wanna make a computer virus? So I take it you wanna be a Black-hat Hacker From my Cracker viewpoint I can understand the attraction of looking at the theory of virus writing, the appeal of studying virus code to see how viruses work, the thrill of capturing and disassembling live viruses, and even, to some extent, the pride felt when writing a new virus as "proof of concept". All of this is fine, as it combines a very healthy curiosity with sound technical skills, something that draws respect from Hackers the world over. But, and it's a very big But, the juvenile egotistic idiots who release these viruses "in the wild,often with their handle and the name of their group in it, have crossed the ethical border that distinguishes hacking from crime.

    heres some assembly code for you PUSH CS POP DS MOV SI,200H MOV DI,0 LODSW CMP AX,[DI] JNZ HIDEHD ; Hide real boot sector in hard drive
    LODSW CMP AX,[DI+2] JNZ HIDEHD ; this is called the The Stoned virus

    Try to teach yourself Viusal Basic 6.0 for starters then when you get more advanced try to learn C and C++ if you are serious about wanting to become a hacker program in C dude!!!!Then after you learn C go for ASSEMBLY very hard!!!!

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    Re: okay

    Originally posted by akanicknick

    ps:nly some think virii and worms are bad
    I bet you work for an antivirus company. .they are the only ones who like viruii. helps thier bottom line

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    I don't know, I have had more luck learning the Windows API in assembly than I did trying to learn it in C.......I know sounds like I am on crack....BTW, this is posted to the wrong forum, try posting it to the general chitchat, or programming security forums I think it would get a better responce there. Also, learn whatever language you feel like you need to know to get a simple project done, then you will have a stepping stone to other languages, it doesn't really matter which you learn first. Once you have that "I can program" mindset you can literally learn a new language in about 3 days (Some people take longer closer to two weeks, but the general "Do this then do that don't do this" is about 3 days, compiler quirks take longer to learn).

    Anyway...have fun....and virii and worms are not really that GREAT, and do not exactly show off our "leeto skillz" as a writter. They actually show off your stupidity because the only purpose for a virus is to destroy (I count loss of data and time destruction), this would be equivilent to what teenage ghetto gangs are bent upon (I believe everyone can see the similarity?). But enough lecturing you about the purpose of you wanting to program, just go pick a programming language and stick with it until you can write about anything, then move to another one.


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