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Thread: winter 2600 ed out

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    Cool winter 2600 ed out

    In the spirit of the AO sloggan, "Hackers Know the Vulberabilities of your system. Do you?" I got a new ed of 2600. It's got some good info for testing IIS vulnerabilities so that you can harden your web servers.

    It also has a blurb about the Coyote Router linux distro. I've been playing with this and think that the token spot should have been an actual article. It basically said, "this exists, get it, use it." Not real useful except for ppl that didn't know it even existed.

    There are design plans for building a computer chassis out of wood ... but I wonder about ventilation issues....wood is an insulator....there's actually a reason metal cases are used.

    Especially nice is the article The Security of the Inferno OS which is a small operating system used in embedded devices including TV set top boxes, some h/w firewall's meant to be used with networked devices. I hadn't heard of it before.

    There's a lot of other interesting reading.
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    Thanks for announcing it, I'll go out tomorrow and get the ol' boy.

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