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    I am a cracker

    Exclamation Hacker Wargames *%^%$#

    From time to time somebody will offer up sacrificial boxes on the internet for people to hack against. The reasons are many and varied. Sometimes companies want to show off their latest firewalls, hackers want to practise really securing a LINUX box, or someone just offers it up for fun, knowing they can log and watch and enjoy as people test their system security. If you take part in one of these wargames, be sure that it is exactly what it purports to be. All the activities are likely to be logged and anyone, including government and state investigators, or private security companies could be running these wargames.
    The information gathered from such activities helps to build up traffic analysis databases, showing where attacks come from, and helps log hacker "fingerprints", showing the MODUS OPERANDI in attack patterns and techniques. With this information, security companies stand a better chance of finding hackers once they been attacked, because all they have to do is look at the cracking techniques used in the hack and then match to any records from the wargames they previously hosted. As I said, if you want to crack system security legally by playing one of these wargames, then be careful, because it might not be what it seems.

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    Just adding to the wargame list

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    ah oh,
    I have gone to a couple of war game type sites and tried them out, I should be more careful next time.

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    Im thinking of seting up a wargame on my Tux Box.... I just dont know where to start.... But if I do decide to do it it will be up within the next month or so... And dont worry there will be proof that it is my server your hacking

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    Recently in Italy a security concern has organized a hacker wargame.
    Well, They had disclosed which all attacks was logged to study new hacking/cracking techniques and also their servers are part of a project called "HoneyNet".
    It's a network project ideated for resiste at DDoS and intensive attacks.
    Anyway this contest was a way for advertise concern which has organized it and to publicize linux OS (in this case a modified version of debian).
    Nobody has defaced site.

    Related link (contest was finished):
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    i think it he is right, there are things that the government should do to try illegal crackers
    and track them down by having a hackerwargame. the government posesses the ability
    to track down illegal cracker that floating in the net. by making this boxes available to the
    public to practice their ability on hacking or cracking it is possible that the government is
    monitoring all the logs and changes on how it is being hacked and then compare to the one
    that has been hacked. my point is not so clear, but i hope you get the concept.
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