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Thread: British Telecom sues US ISP´s

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    British Telecom sues US ISP´s

    BT say that they have the patent for hyperlink tech. and are suing US ISP´s for patent-infringment.
    Article found here
    What can I say? They "discover" that they hold some sort of patent (the word hyperlink is not used in patent descrition) in the year 2000. And hyperlinking has been around for how long? 20 years?
    Money starving hypocrits. It´s not as if they can point to any business loss.. if they could they would have "discovered" the patent some time ago wouldn´t they?
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    HA! Hyperlinking is probably the key feature of the www. I can't believe it's possible to take patent on it. Wouldn't that mean they got explicit rights to use the feature? So when I make a homepage, I got to ask BT for kind permission to use their fantastic hyperlink system? What a joke!

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