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    My Knowledge

    Well...Since I requested this forum...I thought it would only be right if I at least posted in it...

    I just want to list out a few of the products I have worked with in the IDS arena, so hopefully if you guys have questions about product specific things, or maybe just general IDS things, hopefully I can help. The thing I am really interested in though is learning new things from you guys. IDS is a relatively new topic in network security, and there is much to be learned. I haven't even scratched the surface, but with some good ideas and participation in this forum, we all can really expand our knowledge. With that said, here are the products I know (or have worked with.

    - Snort
    - Cisco host IDS (formerly Entercept)
    - Cisco Network IDS, Netranger, and products associate with it
    - Symantec Intruder Alert (ITA)
    - Symantec NetProwler

    And other pseudo opensource IDS's like Tripwire, Portsentry....etc

    BTW....Thanks JP for listening to our ideas, and adding this forum

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    iNViCTuS said:
    Well...Since I requested this forum...I thought it would only be right if I at least posted in it...
    Yes its nice to have a new forum to post IDS and related information to, I hope it'll be lots of discussions about intrusion detection systems aswell as auditing of them (and related) .

    We have had a few threads earlier about IDS and related topics and I have sent a PM to JP asking him to move them to this forum. This way we should have a start, and ofcourse we dont have to recreate the topics all over again.


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    Yes iNViCTuS you did request this forum and good idea it was.

    You say you haven't scratched the surface but looking at those items you list as having experience on - you've definitely scratched it.

    Let's all contribute here to help each other out and I do hope that only those with a real interest in learning (if they are newbies) and those with real experience ("junior, senior") members will pitch in often.

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