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Thread: Microchip Implanting - Personal Information

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    ID chips getting implanted under my skin so that my personal information is stored on it. A special scanner reads the information. Doesn't really sound like a good deal to me. We read all this about how easy it is to hack wireless networks. I'm wondering how secure would this be? Could a device be made where you just hang out your window and as people walk by there info pops up on your screen? I would not want to be implanted. I would give it a whole 30 seconds before the government started abusing this. So now we got cameras all over the place watching us, and we have the government monitoring everyone's e-mails.... Next they will be tracking where you are because you are implanted. Never the less, check out this article it is pretty interesting, and pretty scary.


    "Meet the Jacobs family: Jeffrey, Leslie and their son, Derek. They're a fairly typical American family, middle class and ambitious. The father is a dentist, the mother is an account executive at an interior design magazine and the 14-year-old son plays jazz and tinkers with computers in his spare time.

    But one thing may soon make the Jacobses stand out: They could become the first family in the world to be implanted with microchips that contain their personal information.",1848,50187,00.html
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    scary thought

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    I think it is important to remember where this idea came from. A long time ago it was proposed that failsafe mechanism be created to track dangerous convicts and in another branch of society, keep track of one's soldiers on the battlefield. Later in the '60s this idea was reborn to track important UN and other officials and their children.

    Now, it comes to mainstream society.


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    All I keep seeing in my head is that banking commercial. The one where the bank respresentative staples the bar scan on the guys head and up at the front of the line there's a hold up cause the bar scan reader won't read this guys forehead. HAHAHAHA.

    Anyway let's see them implant something like that in me..... It'd be like twelve monkeys, *rips out his teeth* They aren't watching me anymore.....
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