ID chips getting implanted under my skin so that my personal information is stored on it. A special scanner reads the information. Doesn't really sound like a good deal to me. We read all this about how easy it is to hack wireless networks. I'm wondering how secure would this be? Could a device be made where you just hang out your window and as people walk by there info pops up on your screen? I would not want to be implanted. I would give it a whole 30 seconds before the government started abusing this. So now we got cameras all over the place watching us, and we have the government monitoring everyone's e-mails.... Next they will be tracking where you are because you are implanted. Never the less, check out this article it is pretty interesting, and pretty scary.


"Meet the Jacobs family: Jeffrey, Leslie and their son, Derek. They're a fairly typical American family, middle class and ambitious. The father is a dentist, the mother is an account executive at an interior design magazine and the 14-year-old son plays jazz and tinkers with computers in his spare time.

But one thing may soon make the Jacobses stand out: They could become the first family in the world to be implanted with microchips that contain their personal information.",1848,50187,00.html