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Thread: Antipoints newbie question

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    Antipoints newbie question

    Stupid question but I have to know. I've searched to no avail so here goes.

    Before the icon change my status on antipoints showed that I've not assigned any to anyone yet I have. Now with the new icon, it shows I've only assigned negative antipoints when I've actually only asigned positive. Is this a newbie thing? Do I have to reach a certain post count before mine show? Or am I being overly concerned about a silly issue? Just don't want people thinking I'm some kinda hack that is stalking the board with bad attitude.

    Thanks everyone!


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    In order to give out positive or negative antipoints, you must have at least some points. Im guessing that even if you have only given positive, they didnt count because they were balance antipoints. Once you get more points the positive and negative ones will count.
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    Because you don't have points to give and the first one you gave must've been a negative point. See. Until you've been here a while most of your points are given as grey ones. Which means that they are neutral. This should be explained in the newbie section.

    Hope your stay here is a pleasant one.
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    Ok...but I have points. 3 positive and one unexplained neg.
    Sorry, should have said that in my post.



    I've only given out positive points though...hence my confusion.

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    i agree with him.. i remember when i started... i only gave positive points, and i got negs

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    I'm hypothesizing so I could be entirely wrong....but I think that the new graphic shows you have given (-) AntiPts cuz ur still a "newbie" and APs don't start counting until you have like 50 posts or something.

    I wouldn't worry about until you get up to 100 posts. You can still use the AP system to make comments to the poster.
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    Thanks guys, I know it was a bit silly to worry about BUT I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot here either. I appreciate the quick and thoughtful responses!


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    heh yeah I've had the same prob
    ah well - i'm not a nasty guy honest

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