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Thread: Tell All Software?

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    Question Tell All Software?

    Does anyone here know of any software that will basically reveal a ton of information about what I have been doing on my computer over the past couple of years? This may sound like a stupid question, but I have heard that everything you have done for years can be tracked back. Things such as web sites visited, software installed (even if it has been long uninstalled), things like that. I want to see exactly what kind of information is hidden away deep in my registry from years ago.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    first u deside what u wanna know

    then u

    cat /var/log/* | grep whatyouwannaknow > filename.txt

    then u less filename.txt
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    Well, it is possible, but very difficult to do. And it isn't something that you can least I have never seen a download for it. Basically, anything that has ever been written to your harddrive can be recoverd with the right programs. To my understanding, these programs are somewhat more then 10K a piece, and I don't know if anyone other then govt. organizations have them. I have seen some small test programs that can recover files before they have been written over, but not any more then that.They are basically like the Norton Disk Doctor HD recovery program, except a LOT more in depth.
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    Or if you're running Winblows.

    type: format c:

    That'll take care of everything. Then you just install some flavor of *nix and be done with it.
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