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Thread: Shoot yourself in the foot.

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    Shoot yourself in the foot.

    I couldn't resist. I hope this is a new one for all of you. Geek humor. It explains allot.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    That pretty funny, thanks :-)
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    LMAO This is hilarious! LOL I especially enjoyed the one with COBOL
    USEing a COLT 45 HANDGUN, AIM gun at LEG.FOOT, THEN place ARM.HAND.FINGER on HANDGUN.TRIGGER and SQUEEZE. THEN return HANDGUN to HOLSTER. CHECK whether shoelace needs to be retied.

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    872 bad ASM isn't in there :-P

    (or at least I don't think it is...)

    But funny none the less
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    Yeah I would have to agree that the COBOL one was the funniest to me. It's just so true.
    I also Liked the C++ one.

    GOOD JOKE~KorpDeath

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