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Thread: Something for Spam

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    Something for Spam

    For those who hate spam, but don't want to be bothered tracking it down and reporting it, (or whatever you chose to do to them).

    The US Gov is now tracking spammers, so just add this to your address book and simply foward too:

    Now you have something you can do about it.

    I don't know what their going to do with it, if anything, but at least your doing something.
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    This is kind of kool. Where did you find this information from?

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    They'll probably get info on you..........hehehe.

    good find.
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    Shouldn't the US Government be doing more important things rather than tracking spammer's?

    Anyway, a neat little tool I use to "bounce" spam back to where it came from can be downloaded here...It's called BSM and gives the impression that your email address doesn't exist...

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