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Thread: Inaccurate message count.

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    Inaccurate message count.

    Go to here and count the number of replies to this post. Then go back to the mainpage and compare it with the number of replies the site thinks there has been. It should be one out. I had trouble posting my last reply, which may have something to do with it, unless of course this is only happening on my machine. Anybody else have the same problem?



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    It seems to be fine when I looked at it - 7 replies in main forum page and 8 total posts (that means 7 replies).

    EDIT: Hmmm...before it only had 8 posts for me - now it has 9 - strange...yeah, does seem to be a little bug there.

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    yeah man .. i think u r right ... the reply counter is wrong .. now theres 9 replies and the counter says only 7 .... sure it's a bug ....
    hurry up for ur + points kid ...
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    This isn't a bug, but an issue with your browser's cache. Since pages are dynamically updated, some browsers won't update the changes right off the bat.

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