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Thread: ServerWorks doubles RAM content

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    ServerWorks doubles RAM content

    IBM has announced a new technology capacious of double RAM through a new compression system. ServerWorks (a linked society of Broadcom) has saled frists server's chipset whit Memory Expansion Technology (MTX). It Isn't a new idea, beacuse already exists similar technology, but IMB has announced of a ratio between 2:1 and 6:1.
    Memory eXpansion of IBM is a chip between CPU and RAM capacious of compress datas in a little span. Big Blue has also insert a special cache of 32Mb for contains frequently datas.
    Chipset of ServerWorks are used also by (whit Intel architecture): Dell, Compaq and HP.

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    Hmm, sounds interesting, although I would think it would slow down ram performace a fair bit.
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