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    hyper subpalmtop

    Super palm top. Although it won't be around for quite a while.
    IBM's (NYSE: IBM) research division said it has developed a prototype of a computer no bigger than an index card that the company claims packs the computing power of a regular-sized desktop unit. The company plans to unveil its "MetaPad" next Monday at an Arizona technology conference.

    The device has a 10 GB hard drive and an 800 MHz processor. It is just five inches long, three inches wide and about three-quarters of an inch thick. The MetaPad holds 128 MB of memory and weighs in at nine ounces.

    "It can transform in seconds into a handheld, desktop, laptop, tablet or wearable computer, without having to be rebooted," IBM's Matt McMahon told NewsFactor.
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    Nice. Way to go Big Blue....
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